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Octopus's · Garden

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I love Modest Mouse and King Rat has been one of my favorite songs for about 3 years now...so imagine my glee when I come across this little pearl at the bottom of the viral ocean that is youtube:

P.S. Heath Ledger directed it.
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ecstatic ecstatic
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Modest Mouse
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We should:

  • love helplessly, fully and irrationally
  • look glamorous every day
  • break out in song and/or dance during casual situations
  • say the most breathtaking things
  • fight for what we truly desire
  • have a soundtrack
  • take chances

Don't you think?

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We're nostalgic about love, as if we've experienced romance before.
We talk about the future, as if we will make it there.
We educate ourselves, as if we are guaranteed success.
We try to make certain impressions, as if we will be remembered.
We try to figure ourselves out, as if it's possible
...we're so painfully naive.
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Wrong Choice by Lovely Feathers
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  • Make all shoes incredibly comfortable
  • Cure all diseases
  • Make sure every single person has/had a fulfilling, carelessly fun childhood
  • Eliminate extreme heat and extreme coldness. Forever.
  • Make all skin flawless and all eye lashes long.
  • Make all insecurities go away
  • Selfishly get myself a unicorn...a flying one...with purple toe nails.
  • Make unicorns have toe nails.
Current Music:
Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama by Alexisonfire
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